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LED track light / square / aluminum / commercial



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    orientable, museum


Mains dimmable for dimming without major investments in cabling and controls.

The REVO Track is the ultimate choice for various retail applications, art galleries and museums. Comes complete with a global 3 phase track rail adapter.

Massive energy and maintenance cost reduction:
Traditional lighting fixtures up to 70 Watt discharge or 100 Watt halogen can be replaced by the REVO that has a power consumption of only 20 Watt.

Up to 50.000 hours of lifetime, due to the patented cooling system and the use of the latest generation of Cree/Luxeon LEDs.

Easy interchangeable optical lens system with beam angles from 8° to 61°.

Each single LED is fitted with its own interchangeable PCB for ultimate freedom in choosing LED colours; different colours can be mixed to create very warm tones of light. Special combinations are available for different types of products, such as food, clothing, jewellery and art.

Future proof! As optics, LEDs and internal power supply can easily be replaced, the REVO will never be outdated by future developments.

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