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protective coating / indoor / outdoor / for walls
ScudoSIL Riempitivo



  • Function:


  • Location:

    indoor, outdoor

  • Type of support:

    for walls

  • Component:

    cement-based, siloxane


It has high breathability to water vapour, strong water repellency and excellent resistance to external chemical and atmospheric agents. It is specific for protecting and decorating wall surfaces, and for completing protective cycles for diffusive or dehumidifying plasters in exteriors.
It is formulated with CleanMAX technology, which hinders dirt absorption and allows rainwater to remove it from exterior walls.
A versatile product, it allows the restoration of various types of wall surfaces. SCUDOSIL RIEMPITIVO is recommended for the protection and decoration of wall surfaces of buildings of architectural interest, the restoration of historic town centres and to complete dehumidifying restoration systems.