galvanized steel scaffolding / high



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    galvanized steel

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MULTICOM Modular scaffolding guarantees the workers a high level security. By purchasing a scaffolding system with advanced safety features, you purchase a product which will also be safe in the future.

MULTICOM is approved and certified in compliance with Italian and European standards. Strict performance and quality tests before production chain ensures materials quality and durability.

Multicom scaffolding features a rapid coupling system that allows the vertical elements (props) and horizontal elements (ledgers and beams) and/or diagonal elements to be quickly and safely connected.

MULTICOM system allows to create lay-bys and goods platforms that can also be applied to traditional frame scaffoldings. Connection to frame structures is very simple and it is achieved through a double coupler.

MULTICOM CONDOR system allows you to assemble stair towers.
Modular MULTICOM system combined with TRM 125 multidirectional beam system allows you to easily create decking, bridges and large-scale covers.

Multicom system, for its variability and modularity is also used in sport, cultural and musical events.Even audio, light and control towers are made by Multicom system’s standard components.