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    galvanized steel

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CONDOR Tube and Coupler scaffolding is simple, versatile and inexpensive. This type of CONDOR scaffold allows to assemble components by orthogonal couplers. This scaffold is used both in civil and industrial building, providing usages is compliance with Ministerial Authorizations: recovery of artifacts, support structures, stiffening and reinforcement of dangerous buildings, maintenance and restoration of extremely complex or degraded architectural works.

Scaffolding system allows connection of two tubes, in any position and at any distance, allowing the realization of particular/unusual and irregular forms where a high resistance and great flexibility is needed/required. This is why it is particularly useful in restoration work, support, the shoring of crumbling walls and other such work.

Here are some of the characteristics of the scaffolding Tube and Coupler Condor:COUPLER MATERIALSteel – Cold Stamped - High resistanceCOUPLER PROTECTIONTropicalised - Min. 8 micronCOUPLER FEATURES- Scrolling Load capacity: 1100 daN
- Tensile strength - Accia-I: S355JR 430 ÷ 550 N/mm2
- Yield strength - Steel: S355MC N/mm2
- Elongation - Steel: S355MC 23% TUBE MATERIAL- Steel: S235JR