galvanized steel scaffolding



  • Material:

    galvanized steel


CONDOR metal boards of different length and width for decks safe.

CONDOR metal boards for scaffolding are made of non-slip galvanized steel. CONDOR scaffolding for building ensure high standards of safety, strength and durability.

The worktops are then accompanied by CONDOR galvanized toe boards, easy to apply, thanks to the junction slip.

The assembly of CONDOR boards for decks CONDOR is obtained by a cold deformation (clinching) process and does not allow the oxidation but guarantees a longer duration, increasing safety and reliability of construction mobile scaffoldings.The advantages of the tables for decks Condor:
1) Central reinforcement provided with non-slip indentation with no cutting edge;
2) Facilitated passage by three hooks support heads with lowered reinforced ribs;
3) Strategic positioning of junctions to the deck in order to avoid perceptible bending due to the load charge;
4) High stability to longitudinal twisting guaranteed by continuous clinching of the plank;
5) Possibility to build planks up to a 250 cm length on traditional scaffolding with a 180 cm pitch;