modular formwork / aluminum / for floors / adjustable



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    for floors

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ALUDECK is a formwork system for full-base reinforced-concrete slabs.

The system is composed by framing beams, aluminium panels, drop heads or fixed heads and crevice-cover. Drop-head have a quick-release locking system: the head goes in the prop and get locked. To unlock it it's enough to drop the prop.

The main advantage compared to standard systems is the need of fewer props, which is a saving time factor for assembly, and an increased manageability due to the lighter weight of its components.

The elements of this system are made of highly resistent aluminium, therefore extremely light. Being a standard-module system, it is not necessary to calculate nor the distance between props nor the inter-axe between beams; that means easy assembly without errors.

The system allows the use of both CEP and ALUCP props.

The system includes components that allow the realization of downstanding beams and beams of different heights.