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The series of MF non-self-sinking lightweight shoring for excavations by CONDOR is suited for compact land, in the absence of surrounding buildings, away from busy roads and in the presence of sagging soil content.

Once assembled, the box is laid in the trench. The shoring is lifted with a roll of 4 chains, which are attached to rings designed for lifting. The chains length is equal to the panels one.

At this point staff can proceed with subsequent processing at the bottom of the excavation in all tranquility.

If excavation is deeper, risers are assembled. The box with the risers is already assembled. By combining top panels to the box base you can reach up to 3.20 m digging depth in absolute safety for the workers. As for the widths, they are set through spacers and extensions. Once the work is over, extract the box and place it on the edge of the excavation.

MF shoring system is designed to withstand pressures up to 1800 N/m2.

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