modular shoring system

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modular shoring system modular shoring system - TAF


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  • Load capacity:

    240 kN


TAF towers represent an easy and economic solution for arming works at high altitude. They are easy to assembly and have high mechanical characteristics.

Perfect to realise underpass, pulvinos, viaducts and very thick slabs. Each element is never heavier than 10 Kg. Towers are coupled to wooden GPH20 beams to realise the primary and secondary frame. The surface is realised with yellow plywood planks 27mm thick.

This product has been build in conformity with safety rules both in national and European laws. This type of tower can reach a max capacity load of 60 kN per rod, meaning 240 kN for the full tower. Two frames types allow to build towers with different heights:
1) Tower sub frame 150 x 75
2) Tower sub frame 150 x 100

Towers can be built in 3 different sets: :
1) Tower frame 150 x 75
2) Tower frame 150 x 100
3) Tower frame mixed 150x75 150x100