steel shoring system / modular



  • Material:


  • Options:


  • Load capacity:

    800 kN


MULTICOM shoring structures are realised with standard elements and are often more advantageous compared to the traditional shoring systems.

Shoring structures are standardised for castings up to 20m high, and can be used for castings for bridges, viaducts, and any other horizontal casting. Multicom support towersThe ease of use and assembly allows the formation of structures with variable geometries, and castings for thicker slabs. In fact, multicom shoring structures with horizontal and vertical modularity of 50 cm (excluded the regulation of the bases and the adjustable tree-heads) and with variable capacities from 30 kN to 50 kN per rod can be configured according to the casting dimension and to the geometry of the plan, and are movable thanks to upside down brackets and pirouetting wheels without being disassembled.
It is moreover possible to add staircases to the structure.

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