traditional clock / pendulum / LED / floor-standing



  • Style:


  • Type:


  • Options:

    LED, floor-standing

  • Material:

    wooden, glass

  • Market:

    for offices, for shops

  • Color:

    gray, black, pink, white, violet, red, blue, green, silver, brown, golden, orange, beige, copper-colored, platinum, yellow


Conelly Design COEVO Pendulum Classic

A masterpiece of German handcraft and design.

Tradition and contemporary design merched to striking unique timepiece.

Every piece is the expression of luxury, passion and fine clockmaking.

The german handcrafted movement features an 8-day power reserve with optional impressive classic Westminster chime and automatic night-shut-off.

The high precise working carbon pendulum with chrome plated pendulum balance weight in the middle of the case views an unrevalled chill-out atmosphere during swinging.

Working of movement and pendulum can be viewed through the glasses in front and sides.
The integrated LED-spot accents the movement, the dial and the pendulum perfectly

Dimensions: 1960/400/300 mm (H/W/D)
Case: soft matt varnish (high-gloss: with price premium)
Stainless steel dial with 5 cubic indicators, optional:
arabic or roman numerals
German mechanical cable driven movement - 8 day power reserve, Graham escapement, Westminster-chime with automatic night shut-off
Interior: Frontdoor with pendulum window
Others: LED-illuminated dial and interior

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