original design clock / analog / floor-standing / wooden
Coffee O'Clock



  • Style:

    original design

  • Type:


  • Options:


  • Material:


  • Market:

    for public spaces, for offices, for hospitals, building, for airports, for shops

  • Color:

    red, black, white, gray, blue, pink, copper-colored, green, violet, platinum, silver, brown, golden, beige, orange, yellow


The Conelly-Design "COFFEE-O'Clock" is a stylish eyecatcher for many kinds of waiting rooms entrées and lounges.

Clock and funtional storage in perfect match.

The contemporary Design Grandfather Clock with modern function e.g. with coffeemaker or tea dresser. An stylish eyecatcher for different kinds of business interior. Perfect for shops, customer lounges and offices. The main picture shows a model in natural oak veneer with white matt decor front doors. Dial and case can be produced in nearly every colour and surface e.g.: varnishing, wooden veneer, matt, piano-finish etc.

The optional LED spot light inside will underline the pure design as well.

H/B/D: 1960 mm / 300 mm / 300 mm - Different sizes on demand!