automatic industrial door opening mechanism / for roll-up doors



  • Applications:

    industrial door, for roll-up doors


A concealed tubular motor offers a smaller, more compact motor design for counter shutters, fire shutters, grilles and gates. It is the ideal solution for strict dimensional limitations around the header, as it requires less clearance than standard motor operators. In addition, due to its reduced size, it is ideal for enhancing aesthetics.

Benefits of Tube Motor Operators:

Convenience of motor operation in a low profile, concealed design
Promotes ergonomic operation of counter door units without sacrificing aesthetics
Quiet and smooth motor operation
Motor drive chain is not required
Auxiliary crank operation standard

Recommended Applications:

Counter Doors or Grilles that require convenient motor operation in limited headroom conditions
Aesthetic motor operation that eliminates the need for a bulky motor cover
Low cycle applications, rated for 10 cycles per day, 4 per hour
Operation for greater than 10 minutes/10 cycles on a maximum size unit may engage thermal overload, after which the operator must be allowed to cool for approximately 15 minutes to return to service

Product Application Requirements:

The tube motor requires 115 VAC power
Counter Shutter – Maximum width of 21’ 4” - Maximum height of 10’ 4” - Maximum of 180 Square Feet
Counter Shutters with Integral Frame and Sill – 11’ 7” wide by 4’ 10” high
VisionAire Grilles/SentryGate Grilles - Size limits based on operator rating and curtain configuration

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