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The ControlGard™ Chain Hoist features an integral braking system, so it only moves when the user is actively pulling the chain. This new operator boasts many benefits above and beyond standard chain hoists.
The ControlGard™ Chain Hoist features:

Enhanced Safety: When standard chain hoist operators are pulled inappropriately, they can spin out of control, slamming the door down and causing the chain to fly up. In addition, if the user lets go of the chain after initial operation, or pulls/ hangs on the bottom bar of the door with a standard chain hoist, the door will travel downward and could potentially slam to the ground. The ControlGard™ does not allow for either of these scenarios – it stays in place unless a user is actively pulling on the chain.

Improved Door Life: Motor operated doors typically last longer than chain-operated doors because they offer controlled operation. The ControlGard™ system puts chain-operated doors on par with motor-operated doors because it controls operation and virtually eliminates the risk of abuse.

Compact Design: External Bulky governors are only one way to slow a doors decent but they are expensive and complex. The ControlGard™ chain hoist only requires approximately 3 ½” of side clearance and features an integral brake that is seamlessly integrated into the chain hoist mechanism, stopping downward travel when you let go.

Ease of Use: Prior chain hoist designs can “get away from you” they are challenging to operate – you need to remain vigilant during operation. Now, the ControlGard™ eases the worry, allowing users to operate their doors with confidence.

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