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solar protection fabric / plain / fiberglass / PVC



  • Type:

    solar protection

  • Motif:


  • Material:

    fiberglass, PVC

  • Options:

    for outdoor use, light-filtering, fire-rated, high-resistance


Diffusa is the Corradi vertical fastener that uses filtering and darkening fabrics to ensure protection from the elements and shield against the light.
The degree of permeability to air is greater than Ermetika® Cristal.
Diffusa - ETK® for sizes up to 3,5 m wide.

Diffusa Etk® XL can close bigger compartments, compared to Diffusa Etk®, and also differs in some other characteristics.
Up to 5 m wide.
Lower lock: Automatic telescopic (1) standard (removable) / Manual (2) with lock bolt (optional).
Larger guides, with prestressed stainless steel wire to keep canvas tensioned at all times
Possibility of integrating indoor curtains, for a more pleasant view and to provide shade.

Of the fabrics used on Diffusa, Glassrope is particularly worthy of note.
Mineral fiber and resin blend their resistance and flexibility to create a material with special features on tear and tenseness resistance used as well in space and naval engineering.