indoor tile / for floors / porcelain stoneware / polished



  • Location:


  • Installation:

    for floors

  • Material:

    porcelain stoneware

  • Finish:


  • Appearance:

    terracotta look

  • Other characteristics:

    European Eco-label

  • Thickness:

    14 mm


The Beauty Of Old "Cotto" Floors"

UNIQUE AND UNREPEATABLE, EVERY TILE AN ORIGINAL WORK OF ART. Casali is this series of Cotto floors especially designed for those who love the old floors of farmhouses.
Tone differences and a rustic appearance, just like real handmade Cotto, in the Casali series, each piece is unique and unrepeatable both in terms of shape and colour.
The ochre and yellow tones of Colfiorito, along with its unique and authentic appearance, make it the ideal floor for a warm environment. Tiles of this collection combine beauty with a high resistance. They are stain-proof, non-absorbent and they can be cleaned with water.