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rain water filter rain water filter - UP-FLO™


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Introducing a recent addition to CPM and Hydro International's stormwater management product portfolio. The Up-Flo™ Filter chamber system sets the new standard in stormwater treatment.

Designed to pioneer the evolution of stormwater treatment in the UK by targeting a wide range of pollutants including floatable debris, fine sediments, nutrients, metals, oils and grease, organics and bacteria, the Up-Flo™ Filter is a high rate, modular system that combines a patented upward flow path with a unique Drain Down design.

The multiple treatment train capabilities of the Up-Flo™ Filter - settling, screening and filtration - make it the most effective and economical stormwater treatment system available. By directing stormwater runoff up through the Filter Modules the entire surface and depth of the treatment media of the Up-Flo™ Filter is utilised. The Up-Flo™ Filter media utilizes physical filtration, ion exchange and sorption to remove pollutants from stormwater.