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Extends the Sonnex® Link and provides electrical isolation for long-distance and/or outdoor wire runs.

The Crestron® S-EXT1-S is an optional accessory for the Sonnex® Multiroom Audio System (SWAMP-24X8). It provides a solution for extending the Sonnex Link up to 2000 ft (610 m) over one multimode fiber strand[1]. It is ideal for any application that requires running the Sonnex Link between a main house and guest house, pool house, or other outbuilding, providing high-performance signal extension, plus optical isolation against lightning surges and other electrical disturbances.

The S-EXT1-S is composed of one transmitter and one receiver (S-TX1-S and S-RX1-S, both included). Each component can be mounted discretely in the back of an equipment rack or to any suitable flat surface. Linking the two components requires just one run of Crestron CresFiber® 8G fiber optic cable[1]. Crestron offers a full line of rugged CresFiber cables and installation tools for a complete solution.

Key Features

Extends the Sonnex® Link up to 2000 ft (610 m) over fiber
Works reliably without any programming or configuration
Transports 24 stereo channels of digital audio
Also carries Sonnex control signals
Protects against lightning surges for outdoor runs


Sonnex® Link64-channel (48 utilized) digital audio w/embedded control, auto-discovery, auto-negotiating

Connectors – S-TX1-S Transmitter

MMF/SC OUT(1) SC female optical fiber connector;
Sonnex Link over Fiber output;
Connects to IN MMF/SC port of the S-RX1-S receiver via CresFiber 8G fiber optic cable[1]

SONNEX DIGITAL IN(1) 8-wire RJ45 female;
Sonnex Link input;
Connects to SWAMP-24X8 Multiroom Audio System[2]