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I/O module I/O module - CEN-IO-IR-204


A compact, wireless I/O module featuring the Crestron IFE micro form factor. Provides four IR/1-way serial ports for easy device expansion within a system. Conveniently powered via an included power pack and fits almost anywhere to suit a variety of installations.

The Crestron® CEN‑IO‑IR‑204 is a compact and cost‑effective wireless I/O module designed to easily expand the available IR/serial ports within a commercial or residential system. A small form factor allows the CEN‑IO‑IR‑204 to be placed just about anywhere, with the option to attach it to a flat surface or DIN rail using the included mounting bracket. The four onboard IR/1-way serial ports enable direct integration with all kinds of third-party equipment.

The CEN‑IO‑IR‑204 communicates to the local network over Wi‑Fi® wireless communications, allowing the connected equipment to be remotely controlled and monitored from a computer or tablet. Power is conveniently supplied to the CEN‑IO‑IR‑204 via an included 5 VDC power pack.

Security Protocols
The CEN‑IO‑IR‑204 supports the following security protocols to help protect against service interruptions and malicious intrusions:

TLS 1.2 for control system connections

Local Authentication for console and control system connections

Advanced Wi-Fi Wireless Performance
Crestron enhanced Wi-Fi performance is optimized to deliver fast, dependable wireless communications with a 50 ft (15 m) omnidirectional range (conditions permitting). The choice of 802.11 a, b, g, and n protocols affords reliable, high‑speed wireless connectivity in most RF environments. Up to five wireless access points can be memorized for easy connectivity within larger networks.