asphalt flooring / for playgrounds / road / for parking lots



  • Material:


  • Market:

    for playgrounds, road, for parking lots, for public buildings, residential

  • Finish:


  • Appearance:

    stone look

  • Options:

    exterior, high-performance


Boral Asphalt mixes and paving products suited to all road surface applications including wearing courses for increased road safety in wet weather, structural layers for road and airport pavements, pavement surfacing for carparks, footpaths and school playgrounds; and asphalt products for preventative road maintenance and road surface rehabilitation. Dense Graded Asphalt - common and versatile paving product that is a key component in modern flexible pavements.

Features & Benefits
Mixture dense graded aggregates and bitumen with or w/o mineral filler
Laid & compacted hot for dense smooth surface
Common and versatile paving product
Used for wearing courses & structural layers, roads and pavement surfacing
Can be designed to meet variety of applications