window automation / chain drive / for natural ventilation / solar-powered



  • Applications:

    for windows

  • Options:

    chain drive, for natural ventilation, solar-powered


For opening and closing roof windows and conservatories for which a sufficient drive charge is possible using direct sunlight
Solar‑powered - no power supply or cable routing required
Energy‑saving - integrated automatic 10 min. ventilation
Convenient - Control for half or full ventilation opening
Flexible, can control up to 10 drives with one remote control
Easy and quick installation for new constructions, retrofitting and DIY
"TMS+" tandem safety function for operating 2 drives on one sash
Ability to be controlled wirelessly via remote with secure 128 bit AES wireless encryption to protect against external control
High level of security against external control – 32 bit address code and transmitting code change at each button press (hopping code)

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