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Residential platform lift
A flight of steps, a difficult staircase, an inaccessible garage are all very real architectural obstacles to the disabled and elderly. The Level platform lift is designed to overcome such obstacles. Ideal for any detached houses, public offices or buildings and apartments with two or more floors, these platform lifts are characterised by an affordable purchase price and reduced running costs.
The platform is designed mainly to move people with impaired mobility;
It is characterised by controlled speed and carrying capacity. Automatic operation (for Plus and MATIC verision) or by constant pressure push button control (for MAP verision);
The platform complies with the various regulations and standards that are currently in force and it's EC certified.
The application of tax breaks and/or availability of funding for the purchase of machinery, such as the Level platform lift, necessary in order to guarantee access to public and private buildings by the disabled, must be verified at the relevant competent bodies.