steel framing building / prefab / temporary / wooden



  • Type:

    prefab, temporary

  • Material:

    wooden, glass

  • Framing:

    steel framing

  • Market:

    for special events

  • Other characteristics:



Exclusive character
The Delta Emperor is part of the Vista line, which means that the window panels are very wide, affording an excellent view of the outside. This accommodation is the perfect setting for top-class events. The design has been worked out down to the last detail and this, together with the wood elements in the structure, creates a feeling of luxury.

Building upwards
The combination of the Delta’s space frame roof with the Emperor’s platform gives the building a unique look. If the space available is limited or if you would like to treat your guests to an impressive view, we can build extra levels, balconies and balustrades along the inside of the structure. Your visitors will feel like royalty.

Delta Emperor, in brief:
State-of-the-art accommodation with a striking design
Modular setup enables easy expansion
Can also be used as a double decker by adding storeys on the inside
Space frame roof, which can also be used to create a canopy
Suitable for VIP events, sporting events, product presentations, etc.