cable-and-membrane tensile structure / roof / with PVC membrane / for special events



  • Type:


  • Applications:


  • Membrane material:

    with PVC membrane

  • Market:

    for special events


The real deal
From different stages and grandstands to a catwalk and studio space for directing the camera work, light show and sound production, the Galaxy offers it all. And it’s all under one roof. This makes the accommodation not only suitable for concerts and cultural events, but also for large theatre and television productions.

Special construction
Because you want to treat your guests to a spectacular experience, we have given the interior of the tent a dark blue colour. We have spaced the columns at least 15 metres apart to ensure optimal acoustics and unobstructed views.

One-stop shop
When it comes to organising a mega-event, you can come up days short. But there’s no need to worry – when it comes to erecting and laying out the accommodation, we take care of everything for you. We use advanced systems, a specialised construction team and efficient logistics. This allows us to erect the Galaxy in less than a week.

Galaxy, in brief:
Expandable up to 6,420 m2
Eye-catching yellow and blue striped exterior
Peak height of 20 metres
Suitable for big cultural events, concerts, fashion shows, theatre and television productions, etc.