steel framing building / temporary / prefab / glass



  • Type:

    prefab, temporary

  • Material:


  • Framing:

    steel framing

  • Market:

    for special events

  • Other characteristics:



Unlimited expansion
The Anova Vista stands out because of its attractive design and the unprecedented options it offers. Its standard width ranges from 10 to 20 metres, but this can be expanded to 30 metres because the main structure can be modified in various ways. For instance, it is possible to add wings containing an entrance area or catering and sanitary facilities, or create an open, covered terrace. The wing can also be fitted with glass panels and doors, or even be fenced by a glass balustrade. Everything is possible.

Panoramic glass and wings
It is clear that the Anova Vista is innovative from the limitless options it offers. For a panoramic effect, we can fit the side walls with lightly tinted double glass. This allows guests to enjoy the view of the outside, while protecting them from the sunlight and keeping the temperature comfortable. If you want to add areas, we can integrate wings with the main structure. Guests will experience it as a whole, from both the inside and outside, because we will extend the flowing roofline to the wings. This maintains the cohesiveness of the look.

Anova Vista, in brief:
High tension load capacity, possibility of mounting light and sound installations on the roof
Unique design
Addition of wings creates multiple spaces under one roof
Clear span, meaning no obstructive supports
Easy to attach banners to posts/slots on the inside or outside of the structure
Integrated water drainage and ballast system