upholstery fabric / for curtains / damask / cotton



  • Type:

    upholstery, for curtains

  • Motif:


  • Material:

    cotton, silk


The decoration is based upon Renaissance and Seventeenth Century furnishing textiles, where a plant centerpiece is surrounded by foliage and spirals, just like the Genoese "palm" damasks. Amongst the various natural forms, the leaves and caper fruits are joined by pomegranate fruits, an augural element which symbolizes wealth and fertility. Just like a faded memory which comes back evoking strong emotions, this damask with organza silk warp and tussah silk and cotton weft makes reference to the classical whilst the chromatic selection speaks of the contemporary. Can be used for curtains or for decorative purposes. Sold by repeat. It is advisable to use a delicates laundry bag when washing.

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