contemporary vase / ceramic
DECO by Ann Wåhlström



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Ann Wåhlström’s Deco collection for Design House Stockholm consists of cylinders in two sizes decorated with graphic images. Ann took a selection of drawings with her to Design House Stockholm with an idea bout translating both the patterns and the feeling into ceramics. “Normally the drawings act as models for my glass objects. I make a series of drawings prior to starting work in the hot-glass workshop. But now I thought that one might be able to copy my drawings directly onto the porcelain”, Ann explains.

Her drawings are dramatically black and white made using watercolour paints on wet paper and this is a feeling that she has been able to transfer to her vases. “My inspiration comes from patterns in nature and the world of textile fabrics with a mixture of effects in the weave that I particularly like.”

Ann is used to working closely with production, with the glass workshop and the material, and she confesses to being somewhat impatient. Collaborating with Design House Stockholm to produce a range of ceramics has been both rewarding and different. The Deco collection is manufactured in Thailand. “Glass is a fast material with direct results and I am an impatient person. Working with production demands a different type of patience. Sometimes processes are very rapid while at other times one has to wait and wait for samples.” Ann sees her Deco collection as a series of vases but it is naturally up to the purchaser to decide how to use them. They can just as readily be used as beautiful objects to adorn the home.