smoothing mortar / for concrete / fiberglass-reinforced / insulating



  • Type:


  • Mortar applications:

    for concrete

  • Other characteristics:

    fiberglass-reinforced, insulating, mineral


Finishing smoother lightened with mineral thermal fillers and natural micro-fibres.

Finishing smoother lightened with finest mineral expanded fillers, with an internal micro-porous structure that confer an excellent lightness and thermal- insulating properties to the product. The right grain size selection, the micro fibre-reinforced matrix and the use of specific additives guarantee a high workability during the application and an excellent adhesion on supports.

Key benefits

Thermal properties and high vapour permeability.
Natural raw materials, harmless for the environment and for human health.
Smoother fibre-reinforced with natural non toxic and eco-friendly micro-fibres.
It avoids mould formations thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of the lime.
It can be applied in thickness from 2 mm to a maximum of 10 mm.