gas fireplace / multi-fuel / wood-burning / contemporary



  • Energy source:

    gas, multi-fuel, wood-burning

  • Style:


  • Hearth:

    closed hearth, open hearth

  • Installation:



KombiFire, wood and gas operation in the same fireplace. Lots of people ask themselves what kind of fireplace may meet their requirements at best: should they choose a traditional wood fireplace or a gas one, easier to be managed? To answer this question, it is essential to understand where the fireplace is going to be placed, where the building is situated (in the countryside, in town), whether the management of wood is going to be simple and, above all, when the fireplace is going to be used. Nowadays, the choice between wood and gas is unnecessary. Kombifire by dimora® keeps the positive aspects of both the typologies, by combining them in a unique patented model.