protection waterproofing membrane / for walls / for flooring / for foundations



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    for walls, for flooring, for foundations

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DIN compliant and bitumen friendly damp proof course against rising damp, plus Z-shaped insulation for facing masonry. Standard compliant to DIN 18195 and DIN 1053.

DELTA®-PROTEKT is in conformity with DIN, particularly robust, and highly immune to shear forces.
As the sheet is protected by cloth facings on both sides, the material is ideal for use in wooden post, beam constructions, and cavity walls.
Being bitumen-compatible, DELTA®- PROTEKT may be used in conjunction with any other type of waterproofing system.


Horizontal barrier in single-walled masonry: DELTA®-PROTEKT is installed in the bed joints of foundation walls as a horizontal damp-proof course to combat rising damp.
Horizontal barrier in double-walled masonry as a Z or L barrier: DELTA®-PROTEKT is installed at the bottom of curtain walls as well as under lintels and parapets. In each case, driving rain will be drained off safely.
As a horizontal barrier in single-walled masonry, DELTA®-PROTEKT may be installed directly between the foundation slab and the first layer of bricks.
As a horizontal barrier in double-walled masonry, a single layer of DELTA®-PROTEKT may be installed as a Z barrier in the mortar of the bed of the shell masonry or fastened as an L barrier to the rising masonry with DELTA®-MWSP-CLIPs.