USB socket / data / power / multi-person



  • Type:

    USB, data, power

  • Configuration:


  • Installation:


  • Style:


  • Other characteristics:

    for offices, black, white


Flex-Port cable access is the perfect way to channel cabling for easy access without having to rummage around on the floor to find the loose cables you need. This also eliminates the need for the user to provide their own cabling since the male plug will be accessible right there on the desktop within arm's reach. Also features a data connection with plug and play connectivity on the user end and two power outlets. Mounts to any surface and is easily relocatable for changing or adaptable work environments.

Standard configuration: 1 Flex-Port / 1 dual USB / 2 power
Size: 8" long x 3" wide.

Also available: PCS48A (iPod®/iPhone® dock / 2 power), PCS48B (iPod®/iPhone® dock / 2 power / 2 data), PCS48C (2 power / 2 data), PCS48D (4 power only), PCS48E (1 data / 2 power / 2 USB) and PCS48F (3 power / 2 USB).
Additional inserts available here: black module option or white module option.

Finishes: Black and White.