power socket / USB / triple / recessed



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    power, USB

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Simply press down softly on the top, and the Convenience Outlet pops up for access to dual sided tower with one electrical outlet rated 15A/120VAC and a dual powered USB charger with two inputs rated 2.0A each for charging mobile devices, including iPads and tablets. When not in use, the unit easily slides down and clicks into place. Installation is a breeze: simply drill a 3" hole into the table surface, drop the unit in from above and secure in place by tightening the ring from the bottom.

Size: 5 1/4" below flange, pops up 3" from table top. Top is 3 5/8" square.
Standard configuration: 1 dual USB and 1 power.
Comes with 6 foot power cord & 6 foot patch cord.