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Bathing Beauty: an emblematic beach hut reinvented with Corian®

Mablethorpe’s iconic “Jabba” beach hut, one of series of distinctive architectural designs to revitalise the Lincolnshire coastline, has been recreated by maximising the robust, malleable and seamless qualities of Corian®. Jabba II now stands proud among the sand dunes whose shape it is intended to echo, a witty, striking and memorable interpretation of a British seaside classic.

First conceived by i-am associates for a competition to reinvent the humble beach hut (now celebrated by the annual ‘Bathing Beauties Festival’) the original design in timber and aluminium had not fared so well in the harsh coastal climate. To preserve the aesthetic ideas while ensuring the new structure’s longevity, Jabba II has been rebuilt and clad entirely in Corian®, the advanced solid surface that offers considerable benefits for both interior and exterior applications.