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The French flagship store, located opposite the famous shop windows of Colette concept store – an obligatory stop for fashion victims from all over the world – has been designed as a large mono-material sculpture by architect Karim Azzabi, who also created the futuristic Piquadro headquarters near Bologna (Italy).

Azzabi has created the interiors – about 60 square metres – featuring a minimalist style based on the use of a single material, Corian®, and a single colour, pure white. The store was conceived as an organic and homogeneous space reminiscent of a cocoon, creating an original display format that makes the showroom an exemplary model in the panorama of world store design.

From the floor to the walls and ceiling – clients are welcomed in a white shroud-like shell made entirely of Corian®. Its main elements are the multi-functional strips in Corian® placed side by side and marked by thin vanishing lines. The strips function as floor, walls, and also as display elements: shelves and drawers emerge from the “ribs” using the mouldability of Corian® to its full extent. The purity of this mono-coloured environment perfectly matches the modern and minimalistic style of the Piquadro products, creating a refined and immaculate atmosphere where only the essential is important.