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plasticizer admixture



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Bonding Agent is a multipurpose product that fixes permanently coatings and restorations based on Portland cement to existing concrete, giving properties to concrete mixture that could not be found in any other bonding agent, admixture or modifier.
It is liquid and it can be used as a bonding agent or additive mixture.

Bonding Agent fixes the new cast assuring a higher resistance
Bonding Agent fixes new cast or cementitious mortar to an existing support . It can fix even low thickness casts providing superior adhesion and cohesion. It provides superior resistance and it is an excellent substrate for subsequent coatings. It improves the cement mix for high performance
Bonding Agent, used as an admixture, makes the mixture elastic, thixotropic, water-resistant and resistant to freeze and thaw cycles. The product allows you to apply both cement-based mortar and concrete on structurally sound cementitious surfaces, masonry, wood, asphalt, and others.

Roads, road surfaces, footpaths
Airport strips, cycling tracks, skateboarding paths
Floors, industrial floors, garages, parking spaces
Stadiums, sport facilities
Open squares, ramps, slides