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protective agent for concrete



EverCrete® Pavishield is a special protecting agent for preventing industrial concrete floors from deteriorating. The formula is based on waterglass with a special catalyst. It allows the product to penetrate deep into the concrete, seals the pores and becomes a permanent barrier. EverCrete® Pavishield is conformed to the prescriptions of the 89/106 EEC Directive and meets the requirements of the standard EN 1504-2.

EverCrete® Pavishield protects concrete floors and acts as a curing compound with an anti-evaporation effect.
EverCrete® Pavishield is a permanent and definitive treatment to improve the conditions of dusty floors and floors damaged by freezing and thawing cycles with salts.
EverCrete® Pavishield creates a permanent barrier that protects against penetration of water, acids, oils and toxic agents.
EverCrete® Pavishield blocks carbonizing, chloride, sulphate and provides a better wear resistance.
EverCrete® Pavishield is completely non-toxic, safe for humans and the environment.

Excellent base for subsequent coatings
EverCrete® Pavishield is colorless and preserves the original look of concrete floors. Scientific tests have shown that it is an ideal foundation for further processing such as the application of glues, resins or paints, to improve adhesion. It also increases the compressive strength and surface abrasion.