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protective coating / for indoor use / for walls / for concrete



  • Function:


  • Location:

    for indoor use

  • Type of support:

    for walls, for concrete

  • Options:

    water-repellent, fire-retardant


is a photocatalytic cementitious coating, that can be applied even at very low thickness and activates a chemical reaction which causes the decomposition of pollutants, making them harmless. Ercole® Ecoactive ensures over 60% of pollution reduction and it is certified by Italcementi. Ercole® Ecoactive is ready for use, you need just to add water it is designed for low thickness coating on concrete, plaster, wood, asphalt and other surfaces. Ercole® Ecoactive contains the Tx principle of Italcementi, that accelerates the decomposition of pollutants, and a selection of special additives, ensuring an excellent adhesion on the surface on which it is applied.