closet door / pocket / wood veneer / double-leaf



  • Type:


  • Opening system:


  • Material:

    wood veneer

  • Other characteristics:

    double-leaf, decorative


Losing your way on an exciting voyage: that is what it feels like to enter the new Coral Black living area designed by Elite Stone, the crowning gem of the first Es Atelier collection.
You are drawn toward the warm, beating heart of the home, a versatile and very luxurious room which represents a sophisticated balance of technology, materials, design and love for the tailor-made luxuries of good living.
Thanks to Coral Black, the living area of the most luxurious homes in the most beautiful parts of the world can become a bar-living area or a reception area featuring a high-impact kitchen center.
The pocket doors, which can be fully opened and slide out of sight, reveal a wall with unique finishing: the structure is marine plywood lined on the inside with a maple veneer and upholstered on the outside in top grade washable leather with hand-stitched details, handles in glossy black nickel-plated steel and integrated lighting that switches on automatically to floodlight the entire wall, complete with Miele appliances. It’s not a kitchen, but an area where hosts can coddle their guests in a setting that is both elegant and unique.
At the center, an impressive wine cellar with double pocket doors for a sophisticated, modern lounge bar right in your home.

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