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Ray Module is the new radiant ceiling climate control system intended for buildings for tertiary and commercial use and for use in hospitals, schools and exhibitions where there is a suspended false ceiling accessible for inspection. The reduced thermal needs of new buildings allows to obtain the high thermohygrometric comfort level produced by cold radiant ceilings also for heating purposes. With the radiant ceiling, the air treatment system will be designed for reduced capacities with clear benefits in terms of overall dimensions of the conduits, sensation of well-being in the rooms and energy savings.

Ray Module consists of two circuits made with a PE-Xc 8x1 pipe with oxygen barrier combined with an aluminium thin sheet glued to the coating panel, to be installed on a 24 mm T-shaped suspended structure.
The upper part of the exchanger is insulated by means of a 30 mm thick EPS slab. The panels are connected with push-fit fittings up to max. 6 elements for each series.