contemporary garden chair / folding / director's / steel

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contemporary garden chair contemporary garden chair - SNOOZE


  • Style:


  • Options:

    folding, director's

  • Material:

    steel, fabric

  • Color:

    white, brown, green, blue, red, beige, pink


Snooze fully interprets the classic deckchair thanks to its generous and enveloping dimensions and is available in various colourful versions which add a touch of liveliness to every setting. The deckchair comes with a practical support element that can also function as a footrest, available in the same range of colours as the deckchair, to which two new shades have been added. The small, foldable armchair completes this practical and fun three-piece set, with its memorable design, enhanced by energetic colour.

Designer: Chiaramonte / Marin
Material: Emu-tex - Steel
Collection: Snooze

Technical Info

Weight: 7.80 Kg
Dimensions L/P/H: 61 x 60 x 80 cm
Folding: Yes
Static Load:



Avoid prolonged contact with greasy substances and/or dyes, which may be absorbed by the coating material, causing permanent staining and deterioration of the yarn structure. Frequent washing: use water and non-abrasive, colourless liquid detergents with neutral PH. Leave the detergent to react for a few minutes, if required Rinse thoroughly with water at a temperature not exceeding 30°C. If pressurised devices are used, keep the diffuser tip at least 60/70 cm away from the surface of the item. Repeat the operation if necessary. Periodic and/or extraordinary washing: use a regenerating stain remover for PVC, following the procedure below. Operations to be performed: – apply the stain remover to the dirty fabric; – allow the product to act for 15-30 minutes;