upholstery fabric / for curtains / patterned / acrylic
RUSSAFA FR by Javier Mariscal



  • Type:

    upholstery, for curtains

  • Motif:


  • Material:


  • Options:

    for outdoor use, fire-rated

  • Market:



With ‘Russafa’, the bounty of a Mediterranean orchard has reached the world of textiles. Mariscal, the renowned Valencian designer, has drawn inspiration from the most representative fruits and vegetables of the Mediterranean to give life to the outdoor FR printed fabric ‘Russafa’. Oranges, tomatoes, beans, peas, and eggplants printed in vibrant colors make this textile design appropriate for restaurants, kitchens, and other natural and creative spaces. Fabrics in the ‘Russafa’ line are both outdoor and flame-retardant fabrics, making them compliant with all the latest regulations and norms for decorating public spaces. Perfect for outdoor cafes and hotels that want to give their customers a taste of the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle.