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GRASSHOPPER by Makoto Fukuda



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    home, for public spaces


The Grasshopper collection includes a table and a bench, taking the Slimconcrete technology to its limit in terms of resistance. Its deliberately incomplete shape fills a large space. It closes gently at one end and is transformed into a cosy place in which to hold a conversation. The shape opens up at the other end, inviting us to think of freedom of movement and the lightweight quality of materials.

The Grasshopper collection includes a bench for use as a element with a separate seat and a table which, together with the bench, permits the installation of a series of 2-metre table-bench assemblies. When two groups are positioned oppose each other, this gives rise to a table or bench of 4 metres.

The lightweight nature of the UHPC-Slimconcrete products makes them easy to transport and reduces energy consumption in their fabrication. Their 100% recyclable material composition optimises their life cycle. Both models are made from a single piece of UHPC-Slimconcrete concrete.

It is easy to lift and handle with slings and both table and bench are self-stabilising. The table is installed by simply resting on the paving but it is advisable to anchor the benches to the paving. No specific foundations are needed when installed on sand or lawn.

Materials: Etched and waterproofed UHPC Concrete Soft-polished UHPC Concrete

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