concrete paver / pedestrian / for public spaces / outdoor



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    for public spaces, outdoor


The Poblenou design reinterprets the proposal based on the original paving of Antoni Gaudí, while also proposing a combinable single model in a hexagonal format. The objective is to create continuous paving in which the joints and graphic elements in bas relief merge to form an isotropic surface remeshing.

Using the “imperfect quality of drawing” the author proposes a deformed hexagonal centre which, when joined with drainage channels to the outer perimeter, generates a piece that is positioned at random. Originally designed for the outdoor paving of the Glòries Shopping Mall, located on the outskirts of the Poblenou neighbourhood.

Relief and texture are achieved with an elastomer mould bottom, while colour and tonality are achieved by the combination of aggregates, inorgànic colourants, additives, and high strength white or grey cement. The tiles sit on a rigid concrete slab of 15 to 18 cm, designed for pedestrian use with ocasional vehicle traffic service, poured on a soil sub-base.

Materials: Vibro-pressed bilayer concrete