public bench / contemporary / fiber-reinforced concrete / high-performance concrete



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    fiber-reinforced concrete, high-performance concrete

  • Ecological characteristics:

    100% recyclable

  • Length:

    60 cm, 220 cm, 300 cm (23.6 in)


Prima is the first collection of a set of three combinable backless bench and table models produced and edited by Escofet_Lab in UHPC-Slimconcrete, thereby initiating a new generation of lightweight, resistant urban elements.

The UHPC-Slimconcrete technology allows for the design of extremely durable, lightweight elements with a minimum structural cross-section, due to their high resistance to compression, bending, impact and wear. The extremely low water absorption properties of this material improve its behaviour in the face of fragmentation due to freeze cycles in places with harsh climates.

The Prima collection has two bench formats, completed with a table. Its neutral, abstract design means it can easily be installed individually in any environment, in an aligned formation or in flexible arrangements consisting of tables, backless benches and seats.

The lightweight nature of the UHPC-Slimconcrete products makes them easy to transport and reduces energy consumption in their fabrication. Their 100% recyclable material composition optimises their life cycle. The four models can easily be lifted and handled with slings and can be installed with supports or optionally anchored to the paving. No specific foundation elements are required.

Materials: Etched and waterproofed UHPC Concrete Soft-polished UHPC Concrete

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