cast iron planter / rectangular / modular / contemporary
LINEAL by Enric Sória



  • Material:

    cast iron

  • Shape:


  • Options:


  • Style:


  • Market:

    for public spaces


The Lineal planter is made from a single piece of cast iron, with its own ornamental value. With a volume of 230 litres, it is suitable to planting small shrubs as an isolated element in a domestic environment, but its preferred use is in an urban environment, aligned as a plant boundary between the street and the pavement, thereby eliminating the need for blocks or bollards.

Designed to form urban boundaries in a linear aggregation on traffic barriers. Its most important feature is the vertical grooves areas that are folded
at the ends to give it a more lightweight appearance. There is a free space at the point where the aligned module planters join each other, for housing fitting and connections for installing drip irrigation systems.

The planter is made from a single piece of cast iron with a rust-proof coating and a black paint finish RAL 7024 coloured paint. The Lineal planter is self-stabilising on four support points, and installed without the need for anchors. In the event of installing a drip irrigation system, the modules are supplied
with a hole in the planter for the installation ducts to pass through. Drainage takes place through three holes in the base with a diameter of 20 mm.

Materials: Cast iron oven-coated in Forge Black

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