public bench / contemporary / concrete / 100% recyclable
MOM by Jordi Pla



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  • Style:


  • Material:


  • Ecological characteristics:

    100% recyclable

  • Length:

    240 cm (94.5 in)


The Mom collection consists of a stool and a bench, both paradigms of the technological possibilities of melding the concrete UHPC-Slimconcrete. Cubic geometry, hollow and gently rounded outline, houses inside a LED light system that bathes its walls as a screen that illuminates the road providing security.

The collection is called Mom by analogy to the form of the receiving matrix of the mother. The UHPC-Slimconcrete technology allows for the design of extremely durable, lightweight elements with a minimum structural cross-section, due to their high resistance to compression, bending, impact and wear. The extremely low water absorption properties of this material improve its behaviour in the face of fragmentation due to freeze cycles in places with harsh climates.

The lightweight nature of the UHPC-Slimconcrete products makes them easy to transport and reduces energy consumption in their fabrication. Their 100% recyclable material composition optimises their life cycle. Both models are made from a single piece of UHPC-Slimconcrete concrete stain steel reinforced. They have a superior regatta for the optional accommodation of a strip of LED light, as well as accommodation for the driver with registration from the inside in one of the front ends.

It is easy to lift and handle with slings and both bench and stool in outdoor are anchored to the paving. As self-standing product, Mom is installed simply resting on the paving but it is advisable to anchor the benches to the paving. No specific foundations are needed when installed on sand or lawn, nor anchoring when they are installed in private or interior spaces.

Materials: Etched and waterproofed UHPC Concrete

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