public bench / contemporary / pine / metal
MOOK by Romuald Kruszewski



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    pine, metal

  • Options:

    with backrest, modular

  • Ecological characteristics:


  • Length:

    222 cm (87.4 in)


The Mook bench is a unique urban furnishing element due to the precision of its dimensions and the appropriate use of the materials of the elements from which it is made. Its radically horizontal nature assumes the formal prominence of its lightweight appearance. The thin sheet steel sections of the supports at the ends of the bench strike a contrast with the thickness and solidity of the wood, reinforcing the abstract and weightless aspect pursued by this design.

Mook was developed within the context of the “Warsaw Designs” event, in which four architects were invited to design a bench for the city. The name Mook is the result of a play on words with the name of the Warsaw district Mokotow, where the author’s studio is located.

The bench is designed as a modular system for a single model with a length of 2.20 metres, for creating aggregations in long alignments that mark out and delimit public space. The height and inclination of the back, together with the seat height, enable the Mook bench to provide a comfortable resting position.

A combination of sheet metal supports with a thickness of 10 mm and a single section formed by FSC®-certified tropical wood beams. Anchored with 10 mm-diameter rods, screwed into the embedded metal supports and fastened to the ground with epoxy resin.

Materials: FSC® Certified Tropical Wood and oil-treated FSC® Certified Nordic Pine Wood, high-pressure protected Zinc-plated steel oven-coated in Forge Black

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