public bench / contemporary / stainless steel / concrete
LEVIT by Jaume Artigues



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    stainless steel, concrete

  • Length:

    200 cm, 400 cm (78.7 in)


Levit is an impressive slab with a length of four metres that levitates in public space, particularly in areas in which the paving is a dominant feature. The ground stainless steel supports melt into the landscape until they appear to vanish, allowing the heavy slab to float in the air. The linear modular aggregation generates a backless bench with an infinite length.

Levit was originally designed as a pair of backless benches in the form of short modules made from polished limestone and used in 1989 for the remodelling of Plaza del Ángel in the city of Barcelona. Its subsequent industrial processing led to the stone being replaced with a polished black concrete slab.

The concrete module, with a length of 4 metres, rests on three supports of thin stainless steel plate, which reflect the paving, mimicking its appearance and appearing to vanish beneath the slab.

A reinforced concrete slab anchored to three 5 mm-thick stainless steel plate supports, machined in accordance with the IPN standard and anchored below the paving with expansion plugs. Supplied with the supports already fixed to the slab with four accessible screws. When anchoring to the slab with the M12 screws provided, it must be installed 8 centimetres below the level of the finished paving. The paving should function as a locking element to prevent the warping of the supports.

Materials: Polished and waterproofed Concrete Stainless steel AISI 316L

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