stone paver / pedestrian / for public spaces / made from recycled materials
ADA by EMBT Architecs



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    for public spaces, made from recycled materials


Ada is a pressed semi-dry cast stone paver available in different shades to allow two-tone mixtures. Ada combines two coloured cast stone formats in 12 cm deep slabs, broken up by the gaps created by dividers included in the vertical faces. Ada sits on a 4-6 cm deep confined bed of sand with a previously compacted and levelled base underneath. Its material composition makes this pavement suitable for pedestrian zones with occasional vehicle traffic.

Ada was originally designed in 2000 by architects Enric Miralles and Bendetta Tagliabue, in conjunction with Escofet, for the Diagonal Mar Park in Barcelona. The format emerged from a simplification of the coating used on the walls of the town cemetery in Igualada, the source of the three-letter name of this product.

Materials: Dry Cast Concrete