public bench / New Baroque design / concrete / with backrest
KELLY by Marc Aurel



  • Type:


  • Style:

    New Baroque design

  • Material:


  • Options:

    with backrest

  • Length:

    79 cm, 130 cm (31.1 in)


Kelly is a contemporary site furnishing collection formed by a bench, chair and backless bench, modelled with a printed cashmere type surface texture using the pioneering Escofet “Slimconcrete” technology. The result is a collection of elements with a familiar appearance that tackles urban space with a new approach in which the boundaries of inside and outside merge through new shapes that add beauty.

In the words of the author: “When I first visited Escofet, I discovered a universe of fabulous shapes displayed in concrete, a great heritage of pavements that are instantly identifiable and unique in a number of cities. The objective was to design an object that combined the vast experience and tradition of the brand in creating concrete products and resolve the dilemma of why site furnishings should be so hopelessly plain. The incorporation of texture allow the seats to take on the appearance of sofas, arousing the curiosity of the user to look beyond the object itself”.

The three elements of the Kelly collection are made from monobloc UHPC-Slimconcrete pieces reinforced with stainless steel and with a printed cashmere-like texture on all their contact surfaces. The bench, chair and backless bench are anchored with sleeves and threaded M10 x 100 rods to 40 mm holes in the paving filled with resin or fat mortar.

Materials: Color-waterproofed UHPC Concrete

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