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ESSMANN emergency release stations (pneumatic)
are encased in a sturdy plastic housing. The safety system can easily be installed, even in higher class architectural surroundings, and still be clearly identifiable and operable. A flush-mounting frame is available for the surface-mounted version. Even when flush mounted, the emergency release station protrudes 30 mm from the wall surface to ensure that it can be identified. As such, the release station is guaranteed to be identifiable, even from a long distance. It is available in blue (RAL 5005) and yellow (RAL 1018), in addition to the standard red (RAL 3000). The connected SHE system is activated by breaking the safety glass and pushing the lever to its end position. The lever locks in the end position as visual proof that the station has been activated. ESSMANN emergency release stations with manual release devices can be fitted with a CO2 tank of up to 150 g. A fire detection component (glass bulb) integrated in the thermal release mechanism automatically triggers the system at a specific temperature. The thermal release can be fitted with fire detection components that respond at 343 K (70°C) or 363 K (90°C), with other temperature thresholds available on request. The fire detection component shatters, puncturing a CO2 tank. The lifting cylinder opens the skylight dome to 170°. The system is activated remotely via an emergency release station. It must usually be re-commissioned by ESSMANNs maintenance service.